Lou 22/04/2021

This is a wonderful drug. It was very effective treating my ED. I had some slight dizziness and a mild headache the first time I used it but don't experience any side effects now. I would highly recommend this to any older man like myself. It restored my sense of self and masculinity.

camper 17/04/2021

Im 42 years old and have ED. I talked with my doctor about my problems, and he gave me a prescription for 100mg of Kamagra oral jelly and really it works I am happy with this meds.

kim 15/04/2021

Very good,for 55 years old man, only use it in the morning.

Lenardo 08/04/2021

I have to give this five stars. I was going through a frustrating, hit or miss, period and finally turned to medical help. This is the answer for me - cheap, effective, reliable. I'm having my nineteen-year-old moments in retirement!

Marks 02/04/2021

It work fine for me just as prescribed and I go as long as an hour and over it's very effective to me