Beverly shaffner 17/02/2022

Very good product, works exactly as it should. Very happy with it

Kevin Wright 09/02/2022

Erections were less firm and would occasionally lose them altogether. Took the prescribed dose (Cenforce 100mg) and worked wonderfully in about 45 minutes. Like others have said, you still need fire okay and be turned on and all that, but it got me back to the way I used to feel and perform perfectly. Minor heartburn the next day, no big deal.

Gary Flemmings 04/02/2022

Age 57, I started experiencing ED about 6 to 7 years ago, with difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection. It started gradually and progressively got worst. Discussed this with my doctor last year and was prescribed Cenforce100mg. For the first time in many years, I was able to be aroused and have an erection without being manually stimulating my penis. Being on it for over a year now and am ever grateful to the scientists for this.

Vernon Kim 03/02/2022

I am an 80 yr male no health problems I was having trouble maintaining an erection during intercourse my doctor prescribed Cenforce 100 all I can say is Wow 40 minutes later I was good to go felt like I was 40

Christopher 22/01/2022

Always does the job no complaints from me extremely satisfied with everything

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