How to increase sexual stimulation with Cenforce Pills?

How to increase sexual stimulation with Cenforce Pills

Sildenafil is the main active ingredient in Cenforce pills medicine, which is used to treat problems of male sexual dysfunction. Combined with sexual stimulation, Sildenafil increases blood flow to the penis to help a man get and keep an erection. If this is something new to the readers out there, here is a small overview of this drug!

An overview about Cenforce drug:

What is Cenforce?

Cenforce medicine is a generic of Viagra, available in the form of tablets, is responsible for treating a condition of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence disorder in a male body. People who suffer from these health problems get prescribed the Cenforce tablets often. In addition to this, Cenforce pills are known for curing about 80% of the users in the best light! It essentially uses the drug Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient, known as “Blue Pill”.

Why Cenforce?

This medicine helps a person to get the perfect erection at the time of any sexual arousal. The erection is expected to last longer than 4 hours, which can go a maximum of up to 8 hours. A person can significantly improve his performance while sex drives, boost stamina, and energy, get the perfect satisfaction and pleasure and most importantly, increase self-confidence. 

It is even believed that the effect of Cenforce can last even after ejaculation. It even helps in the case of the second ejaculation, that too in a single dosage.

Who is it for?

This medicinal tablet is available only if prescribed by the doctor and could only be taken up by men above 18. Heart problems, strokes, liver and kidney disease, and other people who are allergic to it and its ingredients are strictly advised not to consume this drug, even accidentally! There could be serious complications in such a case!

How does Cenforce drug work?

You must take this medicine in the exact amount prescribed per dosage. 

In men, after the consumption of Cenforce tablets for the day, it dilates the blood vessels in the body and increases blood flow to the targeted area, i.e. the penis. 

Therefore, by this, the person certainly gets an increase in arousal in the body and mental state. In addition, as a result of it, the person gets increased sensitivity in the sexual body parts after consumption and an orgasmic function.

How to use Cenforce to achieve a healthy and satisfying orgasm?

In case a person is not able to get perfect arousal even on masturbation or faces difficulty in getting energy, stamina, confidence, and excellent sexual pleasure, Cenforce tablets could help! Here are some tips to get that perfect boost to one’s sex life!

●       Set a good mood!

The medicine is for helping in a good sexual activity. It won’t work unless a person is sexually aroused enough. For Cenforce to work, get to the mood for a good sexual stimulation, and that’s all ready! The medicine will help for further time.

Well, a person can try out fantasizing, engaging in some kind of foreplay, reading any erotica, indulging in solo pleasure to himself, or being involved in a good sensual massage. Mind to take the Cenforce dosage before starting to submit into the feel!

●       Mind the diet!

It is the medicine that helps in a good sex drive and the meal a person intake. Cenforce could be taken with or without food, but You must always avoid it after a heavy meal. This helps up to get that desired orgasmic feeling in the body! For best results, one must consume the tablet on being empty stomach!

However, the effect decreases in case of taking up heavy or too much oily meal. In such a case, give time for digestion before consuming Cenforce!

●       Indulge in regular physical fitness activities:

For the medicine to work in the best light, some preparations could be maintaining proper physical health. Being fit fundamentally helps a person get rid of any side effects of the medicine and makes it pretty effective! 

Not only this, physical wellness too might help the person to get good performance while sexual activity naturally! 

●       Avoid smoking, alcoholism, and intake of tobacco!

Any alcoholic beverage before the sex time in case of consuming Cenforce could be a reverse game in getting perfect arousal! Similar is the case with smoking and tobacco consumption.

The potential adversities could significantly be dizziness, lack of stamina, headache, and lightheadedness during intimacy. This might also hinder one’s hard-on and mood.

●       Be patient, do not mess up!

As mentioned, the medicine might differ from person to person and might get delayed to show effectiveness. That’s all fine! Be patient enough, and continue trying. One must not rush into such things and give the tablet time to work.

Never, in any case, a person must take up additional doses on the same day. This might potentially hinder erection permanently! 

What is the usual recommended dosage for true stimulation?

It depends on a person’s age and how the dosage could be for them. To reach the optimum orgasmic level, a person aged 18 to 64 years must take about 50 mg of Cenforce tablets. People above 64 years must try a lower amount of this drug, i.e. 25 mg Cenforce. On the level of tolerance and effectiveness, this drug could be increased up to 100 mg at most.  Also, Vidalista 20mg is an effective solution.

Also, a person is expected to take it simultaneously every day. Experts usually say that the Cenforce drug is essential to be taken at the time of sexual arousal, or around 15 to 30 minutes before indulging in any sexual activity.