Aromasin 25

Aromasin 25

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  • Active Ingredient: Exemestane
  • Treatment: Breast Cancer
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Exemestane 25 mg Overview

Product Name: Aromasin 25
Active Ingredient:Exemestane
Pfizer India ltd
Strength:25 mg
Treatment:Breast Cancer
Price:$95 to 323

What is Aromasin 25?

Aromasin 25 mg is essentially a medicine, sold under the brand name Exemestane, known for curing certain breast cancer types in women after menopause. Known popularly as one of the aromatase inhibitors, it lies under the class of Antiestrogens, Aromatase Inhibitor, and Antineoplastics. These are tablets that are for oral administration, containing 25mg of Exemestane.

Further in this article is more about the uses, mechanisms, side effects, and other facts about Aromasin medicine. Let's explore more!

How does Aromasin 25 mg tablet work in the body?

Exemestane, or so-called Aromasin, lies in the class of aromatase inhibitors, which works by lowering the amount of the estrogen hormone produced by the body. This significantly leads to slower or no growth of most breast tumours that require the hormone estrogen to grow and develop!

Can one take other medicines while being on Aromasin dosage?

The doctor fixes the dose of Aromasin medicine after analyzing factors like

  • A person's medical condition for that problem
  • The response that the person's body gives to the treatment
  • Current or former diseases
  • The medicines which the patient is already taking
Disclosing the prescriptive drugs, the former diseases, non-prescriptive drugs, food supplements, and the herbal products in use is necessary for the patient before the doctor prescribes Aromasin.

How To Take Aromasin 25mg  Tablet?

Aromasin 25mg tablet is a breast cancer pill only to be taken after the doctor's consultation. One must consume this drug by mouth as directed by the doctor. It is advised that the patient must take it at the same time daily, either in the daytime or at night! In general, it should be taken only once every day, after the meal.

Exemestane 25 mg tablet must be taken without breaking, crushing, or in powder form. This affects the speed and volume of medicine in the blood!

How long does it take for Aromasin medicine to kick in?

Aromasin contains Exemestane, which is known to get absorbed from the gut quickly but undergoes a first-pass solid effect in a person's liver. In healthy individuals, the maximum blood plasma concentration reaches about 2.9 hours. However, in breast cancer subjects, this figure is known to get 1.2 hours.

Experts suggest that the maximal aromatase inhibition that could occur takes place after two to three days of consumption!

Side Effects

Some common side effects that this drug contains are listed below:

  • Headache and tired feeling
  • Nausea
  • Increased appetite
  • Insomnia and other sleeping issues
  • Hot flashes
  • Joint pain
  • Increased sweating

There exist a few serious side effects too, which might include:

  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Chest pain
  • Sudden or increased headache, confusion
  • Unusual or new bone pain
  • Speech, balancing, and vision issues
  • Sudden weakness or numbness
  • Shortness

How long can the side effects last?

It takes 6 to 12 days for the Aromasin side effects to stop in the patient's body. If it is not the actual case, one must quickly consult the doctor for the same.


Is there any specific diet suggested while consuming Aromasin?

Not a compulsory fixed diet is needed for the Aromasin drug. However, it is best if the patient does not consume it after a heavy or high-fat meal. Overeating must be avoided! This might lead to an increase in the medication levels in the blood.

What adverse effects could happen to pregnant women?

For pregnant ladies out there, Aromasin must neither be consumed, handled, or even be breathed (in the form of dust, etc.). This medicine is too efficient to be absorbed through the skin and lungs! Strict precautions must be taken, and one must rush to the doctor if she accidentally encounters any such condition.

Does it harm in stopping the Aromasin dose suddenly?

Exemestane continues to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back again until many years after a person stops its consumption. However, if we talk about stopping the dosage before the prescribed duration, then this might lead to an increased risk for breast cancer to come back.

Can a person drink alcohol while taking Aromasin medicine?

Small amounts of alcohol are acceptable while a person is on an Aromasin dosage. However, the more significant amounts lead to compromise the effectiveness of the safety and usefulness of the Exemestane in the patient's body.

What happens in case of a missed dose of Aromasin?

If a person accidentally misses taking the Aromasin dose, the missed dose must be skipped if it exceeds 12 hours. One must then continue the usual dose timings without haphazardly repeating the amount. Consult the doctor for more clarity on the same!


Exemestane 25mg tablet (Aromasin) must be stored at room temperature and away from heat and moisture!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How long can a person stay on an Aromasin dosage?

Ans: It depends from person to person. However, this medicine is usually dosed for 5 to 10 years generally.

Q2) Can a person be on vitamins while dosing on Exemestane 25mg?

Ans: Well, in the case of vitamin D3, no interactions were found with Aromasin. This, however, doesn't mean that there are no interactions with all the vitamins. One must always consult the doctor related to such queries!

Q3) Why does one need to speak to the dentist for Aromasin dosage?

Ans: Exemestane is usually a well-tolerated thing in the human body, rarely leaving any severe side effects. However, before receiving any dental surgery, or medication, it is good to tell the doctor or dentist about the Aromasin dosage.

Q4) Are there any weight-gain issues reported as a result of Aromasin usage?

Ans: Yes, Aromasin medicine can indeed cause weight gain when used to treat advanced breast cancer in patients. Noticing weight gain, the person must not stop taking medication, instead must report the issue to the doctor.

Q5) Is it true that Aromasin tablets cause damage to the liver?

Ans: There are causes of acute liver failure reported in women who used to consume Aromasin after menopause. The relationship of liver damage to the aromatase inhibitor has not been well studied yet, but exemestane therapy in women might lead to some liver issues.

Q6) Can men consume Aromasin?

Ans: Aromatase inhibitors, or as we talk, Aromasin could be taken by men! Moreover, these inhibitors may be used to prevent or cause a significant delay in the epiphysial closure, leading to an increase in adult height! This could be possible for the treatment of gynecomastia.

Q7) Can a person die out of Aromasin dosage?

Ans: There was a study conducted in which it concluded that deaths due to any cause were allegedly reported for 1.3% of tamoxifen-treated patients. Hence, death is not impossible due to Aromasin, but the risk is relatively low!

Q8) Does it increase heart problems and cholesterol levels?

Ans: Yes, it is believed that Aromasin increases heart problems significantly. While talking about the cholesterol stuff, a neutral effect appears on the total HDL and cholesterol levels in a study conducted.

Hannah 03/01/2023

very wonderful pills—best for breast cancer. The price is high.
But true and real medicine. Many thanks

Jenny smith 03/01/2023

I’ve taken this tablet multiple time with multiple positive experiences of it. Thank you, team, for the timely delivery.

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