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Cenforce 150 - Quick Guide

Active IngredientSildenafil Citrate
Generic NamesRed Pill, Viagra Red Pill, Sildenafil 150mg
TreatmentErectile Dysfunction, Impotence, pulmonary hypertension 
Packaging10 tablets in 1 strip  Discreet Packaging
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 Benefits of Cenforce 150

1) Potential To Treat Erectile Dysfunction conditions Instantly

2) Maintain or Firm Erection up to 4 hours

3) Shows effect same as original viagra does

4) Do not consume heavy fat meals before having Cenforce 150

Cenforce 150 ProsErection can last up to 4 hours after taking this medication, the effects will decrease after two hours. It's best to take sildenafil 30 to 60 minutes before sex. 

What is Cenforce 150mg?

  • Cenforce 150mg is the most commonly prescribed medicine for men to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence. Thousands of men across the globe are enjoying the benefits of this medicine and enjoying their sexual life.

  • It contains an active ingredient known as sildenafil citrate that provides quick relief from erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow to the male reproductive organ.

  • Cenforce belongs to a class of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors that offer hard erections upon sexual arousal. This medicine is a standard copy of the branded medication called Viagra. In order to buy this medicine from a licensed pharmacy, you must have a prescription.

  • It is an FDA-approved drug and is great for restoring erectile dysfunction. You must know that lower doses of sildenafil are also recommended for treating pulmonary hypertension in elderly adults. However, Cenforce 150 will offer you firm erections only when you are sexually aroused.


How does Cenforce 150mg work?

  • You must know that erectile dysfunction is an issue with your blood circulation in the body. During sexual excitement, if the male sexual organ receives inadequate blood, then an erection is decreased automatically.

  • A number of factors are responsible for causing a disruption in blood supply to the male reproductive organ. It might happen due to injuries, smoking, drug addiction, drinking, or side effects of the other medicines.

  • In order to address this problem, the active ingredient of Cenforce i.e., sildenafil citrate helps to relax the muscles present in your penile area. The blood arteries of the male reproductive organ begin to enlarge and accommodate a high volume of blood.

  • Sildenafil citrate does this work by lowering the amount of PDE5 in your body. Upon sexual intercourse, sildenafil citrate makes the sexual organ become non-erect. This further helps you to achieve hard erections for a long time and indulge in sexual activity.


How to use Cenforce 150mg?

  • Before starting the dose of Cenforce 150, it is important to read the patient information leaflet carefully. In case, there is any doubt then discuss it with your doctor.

  • Take one tablet an hour before the planned sexual activity with or without the food as prescribed by the doctor. It is a high-power dosage and should be taken as a single whole tablet with a glass of water. Make sure you take the medicine without breaking, crushing, or chewing it.

  • In order to help the medicine demonstrate its efficacy, it is vital for the ED patient to be sexually aroused. You must take the pill as prescribed by the doctor.

  • When taking the tablet with food avoid consuming fatty food because this will lead to a negative impact on your overall health. Depending upon your problem and age, the doctor will prescribe the right dosage.

  • The liquid with which you consume the tablet should be only normal water. Usage of other beverages like fruit juices and alcohol can cause unknown reactions to your body.


Cenforce 150mg precautions & warnings

  • Considering some precautions and warnings beforehand will help you to achieve desired results. Without the recommendation of your doctor, do not increase or decrease the dosage because it might lead to severe problems.

  • When using ED pill, do not consume alcoholic beverages and grapefruit because these products decrease the effectiveness of sildenafil. Before starting your treatment with Cenforce, make sure you are not allergic to sildenafil or other components present in the medicine.

  • You must always consume the medicine from an authorized medical store or legal website. Nowadays, there are a number of medical drugstores that offer fake medicines in the name of branded ones.

  • When taking Cenforce 150, make sure you are not using any other ED pill as both of them might react and cause serious side effects. If you are a heart patient or have undergone heart surgery in the past 6 months then avoid taking this ED pill.

  • Inform the doctor about your medical history, especially about kidney disease, liver disorder, and eye disorder. In all these medical conditions, Cenforce is not recommended.

  • Men above the age of 45 years need to be careful because at old age the tissues and muscle cramps are very common. Inform the doctor before about all other medications you take.


Cenforce 150mg side effects

Just like other ED medicines, Cenforce 150 also comes with a few side effects. Though a number of men consuming the medicine do not come across any serious side effects.

You might suffer from some mild side effects which will disappear after some time. Some of the most common side effects reported are:





       Eye swelling

       Blurred vision

       Cloudy urine

       Long and painful erections

       Backache and muscle pain


Get emergency medical help immediately, if these side effects continue or become worse with time.



  Can women use Cenforce 150? 

No, Cenforce is not meant for women instead, it will lead to side effects like hypertension, constipation, and digestive issues.

  How many pills of sildenafil citrate you can take in a day? 

Only one tablet is enough for the day. However, if the doctor recommends any change, then follow accordingly.

  Is the long-term use of Cenforce 150 safe for you?

If taken in moderation, intake of the medicine is safe. But Cenforce should not be taken for more than the time directed by the doctor.

  Can you take Cenforce with alcohol?

If an ED patient takes Cenforce with alcohol then it will start reacting with the active ingredient i.e., sildenafil citrate. Thus, it is not advised to consume the medication after drinking alcohol, smoking, and grapefruit juice.

When this ED pill is consumed with alcohol, it causes side effects like severe dizziness and nausea.

  Can I take Cenforce 150mg after meals?

Yes, you can take the pill before and after the meal. However, a high-fat meal should be avoided strictly because it will slow down the effect of Cenforce.

Thus, Cenforce 150mg is the best medicine for men who wish to enjoy sexual life with their partners. 

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