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What is Lunesta 2mg?

Lunesta 2 mg is essentially a well-known medicinal drug that is significantly used to effectively prevent and treat sleep issues in mainly adults out there! The targeting of sleeping issues majorly includes insomnia issue. Well, Lunesta belongs to the class of drugs, which is pretty well-called sedative-hypnotics, responsible for a person’s brain to produce a calming effect in the body.

What is an insomnia issue?

Insomnia is a condition in which a person faces persistent problems falling asleep or staying so. This condition is often considered a disease related to poor sleeping habits, anxiety, lack of physical exercise, depression or trauma, chronic illness, any chemicals or medication, or psychological illness. Sometimes, it too might happen that the person suffering insomnia might not feel properly well-rested even if he slept for a pretty good number of hours (uninterrupted or otherwise).

How does Lunesta 2 mg medicine work in the body?

Lunesta drug essentially cures sleeping problems by helping the patients to sleep faster, lessening the number of times a person wakes up in the middle of sleep, and allowing him to stay sleeping for longer. This drug aims to provide a better night’s sleep that is restful, with which the person feels fresh and wakeful the whole day. 

Why is Lunesta 2 mg drug known as a sedative-hypnotic medicine?

Eszopiclone chemical is the major ingredient in this drug. Medicines that essentially contain this chemical as an active ingredient are classified under the name of sedative-hypnotic drugs. It means that these medicines act on the person’s brain to produce a calming effect. As a result, they can potentially be used for a short-term purpose due to the hypnotic and habit-forming impact they make. Using drugs like Lunesta 2 mg for more than a week or two periods must be only dosed after the doctor's consultation.

How should a person use Lunesta 2 mg?

Lunesta 2 mg medicine must be precisely dosed as per the instructions given by one’s doctor. The dose must be taken timely and preferably at the same time every day. The drug is available in tablets that are to be swallowed with ample water, and it must not be chewed, crushed, inhaled, or broken. The usual dose prescribed by the medical experts says that Lunesta 2 mg dose must be taken just before going to bed daily.

What must things be kept in mind while dosing on Lunesta 2 mg?

A person must make sure that his age, medical condition, and other drugs which he’s dosing play no adverse effect while consuming Lunesta 2 mg drug. Some medicines might respond negatively to the eszopiclone chemical. Also, people who suffer from kidney and liver damage or issues must preferably not dose Lunesta drugs. This medicine is for adults to consume only. 

Are there any special precautions for food while dosing on Lunesta 2 mg?

A person who doses Lunesta 2 mg medicine must avoid taking the tablet after a heavy or fatty meal. Additionally, it is best to entirely on alcohol while taking Lunesta. Drinking moderate to high levels of alcohol essentially leads to a condition of a drug overdose in the case of eszopiclone medicines. One must also avoid grapefruit juice and other stuff that has some alcohol content. Moreover, quitting smoking and tobacco consumption is also way more necessary. 

What are some precautions for Lunesta 2 mg consumption?

Lunesta 2 mg dosage doesn’t fade the alertness, but the risk of driving any vehicle could be potentially more. Not only this, a person must not operate any machinery or use any harmful tool for the utmost safety, and such activities require full alertness of the person’s brain. Even after two to three days of stopping the consumption of Lunesta 2 mg medicine, one must keep these precautions in mind. 

What happens if a person stops the dosage of Lunesta 2 mg medicine?

First of all, hypnotic drugs like Lunesta 2 mg must not be stooped suddenly. The dosage of such medicines must be eventually reduced and then stopped finally. On stopping the Lunesta 2 mg medicine dose suddenly, one can potentially face some withdrawal symptoms, including flushing, stomach cramps, and dizziness. Moreover, a person can face issues with indigestion and an upset stomach. 

The feeling of nervousness, shakiness in the body (especially hands and fingers), nausea, and vomiting are also included in these symptoms. On experiencing any of these, one must immediately inform the doctor.

Well, for some people, stopping Lunesta 2 mg consumption after the proper medical consultation could lead to trouble sleeping for at least the first few nights after the last dose. 

This condition is known as rebound insomnia, and such a thing is considered normal and goes off after one or two such nights. Still, in case the effect continues, one must talk to the doctor about the same.

In what conditions is it good to take Lunesta 2 mg drug?

Experts say that Lunesta 2 mg medicine must not be taken unless the person refuses to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day. In a condition wherein one consumes Lunesta, and wakes up before this time, might face memory loss issues and trouble concentrating and performing even the daily tasks. This could be a potential risk to the person's safety, especially in the case of doing functions that need alertness.

Is this drug addictive?

Well, Lunesta 2 mg drug is sometimes addictive for most people. The risk of addiction is even higher in the case of any substance abuse, for instance, overuse or dependence on alcohol or drugs. Taking medicine exactly as told by the doctor lowers the chances and risks of addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

What are some side effects of Lunesta 2 mg medicine?

Side effects of Lunesta 2 mg could be either common and short-term or long-lasting. The former ones are listed as follows:

  • Headache and fever.
  • Memory loss.
  • Drowsiness, dizziness, and toughness in waking up in the morning.
  • Sudden abnormal behaviors or thoughts like hallucinations, confusion, severe depression, aggressive nature, confusion, lack of concentration, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts. 
  • Runny or stuffy nose, coughing, and the common cold.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Anxiety. 
  • Ongoing grogginess the following day.
  • Sleep-related abnormal behaviors like sleepwalking, etc.
  • Change in tongue taste. One gets to feel metallic, bitter, and other such unpleasant tastes.

If a person gets to experience such side effects for long or on a larger scale, they must talk to the doctor. Also, the doctor must be told in case he faces any of the following long-term symptoms too:

  • Excessive or reparative vomiting or nausea.
  • Flushing.
  • Rebound insomnia.
  • Cramps in the abdominal area.
  • Frequent mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and anxious behavior.
  • Tremors and shakiness.

While the short-term side effects of Lunesta 2 mg medicine are reversible, it is dicey about the infrequent side effects of the drug. 

What could happen if a person overdoses on Lunesta 2 mg?

In such a case, the person feels overdose symptoms like difficulty breathing correctly, frequent and severe headaches, and trouble swallowing. The complications of Lunesta overdose could be too adverse, as a person can undergo a coma too.

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