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“Pregabalin 150 mg” is used to treat certain types of anxiety disorders, Epilepsy, and to Relieve pain caused by nerve damage (neuropathic pain) due to diabetes, and shingles (herpes zoster infection).

What is Pregabalin 150 mg?

Pregabalin 150 mg Capsule is used to treat pain caused by diabetic nerve damage or shingles (herpes zoster) infection. It may also treat nerve pain associated with spinal cord injury. This medication is also used to treat pain in fibromyalgia patients.

Pregabalin is a prescription medication. It is available in three forms: capsules, solutions, and extended-release tablets. All forms are taken orally.

Pregabalin 150mg oral capsules are marketed under the brand name Lyrica. Pregabalin oral capsule can be used in conjunction with other medications. This means you may need to take it in conjunction with other medications. It is a Schedule II controlled substance. Your doctor will closely monitor your drug use.

What is the usage of Pregabalin 150mg?

The Pregabalin 150mg oral capsule is used to treat the following conditions:

  • Fibromyalgia (pain all over your body)
  • Neuropathic pain caused by damaged nerves as a result of diabetes
  • Shingles
  • Spinal cord injury

When combined with other seizure medications, partial-onset seizures occur in patients one month and older.

How Pregabalin 150 mg does works? 

Pregabalin 150 mg belongs to the anticonvulsant drug class. A drug class is a group of medications that work similarly. These medications are frequently used to treat similar conditions.

It is thought to work by calming your body's damaged or overactive nerves, which can cause pain or seizures.

How to take Pregabalin 150mg Capsule? 

Pregabalin 150mg should be taken exactly as your doctor prescribes, and you should read all medication guides or instruction sheets that come with it. Your dose may be adjusted on occasion by your doctor.

  • It should be taken at the same time every day, with or without food.
  • Take extended-release pregabalin tablets whole, without crushing, chewing, or breaking them.
  • Pregabalin 150 mg liquid medicine should be measured carefully. Use the provided dosing syringe or a medicine dose-measuring device (not a kitchen spoon).
  • If your symptoms do not improve or worsen, contact your doctor.

Even if you feel fine, do not stop taking it abruptly. Sudden cessation may result in increased seizures or unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Follow your doctor's advice about decreasing your dose over at least a week before stopping completely.

In an emergency, you should wear or carry something that says you take medicine to prevent seizures.  

Side effects of pregabalin 150 mg:

If you have diabetes, notify your doctor as soon as you notice any new sores or other skin problems. 

Pregabalin 150mg Lyrica commonly causes the following side effects:

  • “Dizziness”
  • “Drowsiness”
  • “Swelling of the hands and feet”
  • “Having trouble concentrating”
  • “Increased hunger”
  • “Gaining weight”
  • “Arid mouth”
  • “Vision impairment”

Pregabalin has the potential to cause a severe allergic reaction

If you have stopped using this medication, seek emergency medical attention if you have:

  • If you have hives or blisters on your skin,
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Facial, lip, tongue, or throat swelling 


Combining Pregabalin 150 mg with certain medications may result in increased side effects. These medications include: 

  • Diabetes medications like rosiglitazone and pioglitazone Combined with Pregabalin may result in weight gain or swelling of the hands or feet. 
  • Taking these medications together may increase your chances of developing heart failure if you have heart problems.
  • Tranquilizers (drugs that make you sleepy) or anti-anxiety medications, such as lorazepam, When these medications are combined with Pregabalin 150mg, may cause dizziness and sleepiness.
  • Captopril, enalapril, and lisinopril are examples of blood pressure medications. When these medications are combined with Pregabalin, they can cause swelling and hives.
  • Opioid pain relievers like oxycodone and other “CNS depressants” taking these drugs with Pregabalin may make you more likely to have severe breathing problems that affect your health seriously. 
  • “Pregabalin 150 mg oral capsule” may interact with other medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements you are taking. 
  • This is referred to as an interaction when a substance alters how a drug works. This can be dangerous or prevent the drug from working correctly.
  • To help avoid interactions, your doctor should carefully manage all of your medications. Make sure your doctor knows any medications, vitamins, or herbs you take. 
  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist to learn how this medication may interact with your other medications.

Before using this medication,

If you are allergic to Pregabalin 150, you should not use it. Inform your doctor if you've ever had

For example, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 

  • Depression, or mental illness
  • Heart issues (particularly congestive heart failure);
  • Bleeding disorder or low platelet count in your blood
  • Kidney disease (or undergoing dialysis);
  • Diabetes Drug or alcohol addiction
  • An extreme allergic reaction (angioedema).

Precautions Warnings:

  • Pregabalin 150mg has the potential to cause a severe allergic reaction. If you have hives or blisters on your skin, difficulty breathing, or swelling in your face, mouth, or throat, stop taking it and seek emergency medical attention.
  • While taking Pregabalin, some people have suicidal thoughts. Keep an eye out for changes in your mood or symptoms. Inform your doctor about any new or worsening symptoms.
  • If you have diabetes or heart disease and gain weight or get swelling in your hands or feet while taking it, you should tell your doctor.
  • Even if you feel fine, do not stop taking Pregabalin abruptly. Stopping abruptly may result in withdrawal symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is use of Pregabalin 150mg?

Ans: Pregabalin 150 mg oral capsule is used to “treat epilepsy and anxiety”. It's also used to relieve nerve pain. Nerve pain can be brought on by some things, such as diabetes, shingles, or an injury.

Q2) Is Pregabalin 150mg Lyrica safe to take before going to bed?

Ans: Treatment with Pregabalin has been linked to improvements in all kinds of insomnia. Better sleep has been linked to fewer problems with function and better quality of life-based on subjective global measures.

Q3) What is nerve pain?

Ans: When a health condition affects the nerves that carry sensation to the brain, it causes nerve pain, also known as neuralgia or neuropathic pain. It is a type of pain that is distinct from other types of pain.

Q4) When is the best time to take Pregabalin at night?

Ans: If you forget to take the extended-release tablet after dinner, take it before bedtime with a snack. If you forget to take it before bedtime, take it after breakfast. If you do not take the dose the following day, take it after your evening meal at your usual time.

Q5) How does Pregabalin 150mg affect vision?

Ans: Pregabalin 150 mg can cause “blurred vision”, “double vision”, “clumsiness”, “unsteadiness”, “dizziness”, “drowsiness”, or “thinking difficulties. Do not drive or do anything else risky until you know how this medication affects you. Consult your doctor if these side effects are particularly bothersome.

Q6) Is Pregabalin 150mg beneficial for anxiety?

Ans: Pregabalin 150mg has been shown in randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses to be effective for “short-term treatment and preventing relapse in GAD”. It seems to work quickly and lessens anxiety's mental and physical symptoms.

Q7) How does Pregabalin 150 mg affect the nerves?

Ans: Pregabalin 150 mg is an anticonvulsant medication. It reduces the number of pain impulses sent out by the injured nerves in the body.

Q8) When should Pregabalin 150 mg be taken at night?

Ans: If you forget to take the extended-release pill after dinner, take it with a snack before bed. Take it after breakfast if you forget to take it before bedtime. If you miss the dose the next day, take it after your evening meal at your usual time.

Q9) Is it safe to drink alcohol while on Pregabalin 150mg?

Ans: Because alcohol increases the sedative effects of Pregabalin 150mg, it is not recommended to consume it when you first begin taking it. You can drink alcohol in moderation once you've found a steady dose, but it may cause you to sleep more than usual.

Q10) Does pregabalin increase serotonin levels?

Ans: “Pregabalin does not affect serotonin or dopamine receptors and does not inhibit dopamine, serotonin, or noradrenaline reuptake. It does not affect sodium channels, opiate receptors, or cyclooxygenase enzyme activity.

Q11) Pregabalin has been linked to psychosis.

Ans: Adverse reactions are more common at higher doses, especially when titrated quickly. Pregabalin has been linked to psychosis, hallucinations, and other neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Q12) Is Pregabalin useful for bipolar disorder?

Ans: Pregabalin was also found to be effective in the adjunctive treatment of acute mania, depression, and the maintenance of resistant bipolar disorder in an open-label observational trial. Gabapentin was initially designed to have a molecular structure similar to the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Janet 03/01/2023

This tablet is very strong; I was using it for neuropathic pain, and taking a pill totally stopped the pain for at least 8 hours.

Ronald John 03/01/2023

I feel my problem is better than before after utilising this cost-effective medication for neuropathic pain.

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