The Surprising Facts About Erections You Didn’t Know

Facts About Erections

Facts about erections

What You Didn’t Know Facts About Erections erection tr are covered on this page. Normal daily erections for healthy males are approximately 11, with nine of them occurring at night.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major problems that men often feel shy to discuss. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, there is also a fair amount of misinterpretation about this condition. 

In this article, you will come across some facts about erections that are interesting and might leave you stunned as well. If you are a person with a penis, then you might be wondering whether the erections you are experiencing are normal or not.

Nowadays, men who find difficulty experiencing hard erections or have the most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction condition easily with prescription medicines.

Be it Cenforce or Vidalista, both medications increase blood to the male sexual organ and ensure firm erections. This further helps you to indulge in uninterrupted sexual intercourse. 

Surprising facts about erections

Here are some surprising truths that you must know about erections:

Penises can break 

Yes, you read right penis can break. Although it is not like a broken bone, the blood vessels present inside your penis burst and cause painful swelling. According to research, it is revealed that one-third of penile fractures take place during sexual activity when the partner is on top. 

A penis is twice long as you think. 

You will be surprised to know that penises are longer than they actually appear. Remember, half of the entire length is still housed inside your body. It is important to know that half of your penis is connected to the rest of the anatomy. 

People with penis experience erection 3-5 times every night 

Men with a penis usually experience 3-5 erections at least every night during the rapid eye movement sleep. Though it is yet not understood why this actually happens. However, doctors or medical professionals say it is normal. 

Since it is a basic physiological procedure, doctors ask whether a man is experiencing nighttime erections to know the cause of erectile dysfunction. 

The penis is not a muscle or bone.

You disagree with the prevalent belief that the penis is not a bone or muscle. Instead, the male sexual organ, i.e., the penis, is composed of three sponge-like cylindrical chambers filled with blood once you are sexually stimulated. 

This further leads to increased pressure and averts the blood from flowing out of the penis, causing a hard erection. 

The average erect penis is long. 

You will be glad to know that the average erect penis is long, almost 5.56 inches. Most men believe that the average erection is over 6 inches long, but after a review, it is revealed that the penis is closer to 5.1-5.5 inches. 

Keep one thing in your mind, medicines and exercises do not help in changing the length or size of the penis. Decreased blood to the penis and smoking can decrease the average size of the penis to almost 0.4 inches. 

Does size matters

When it comes to penises, size matters mainly for some women. You must know that women likely to indulge in vaginal orgasms say it is pretty easy to orgasm with men having a long penis. 

ED can also affect young men. 

If you think you are suffering alone with ED at a young age, you are wrong because several men are affected by ED. Although the problem of erection increases with age now, it also affects men of the young generation. 

According to one of the studies, it is estimated that 11% of sexually active men between the age group of 18-31 suffer from mild ED, and almost 3% experience moderate to severe ED. 

However, it is easy to treat the ED condition with some effective prescription drugs and get back to everyday sexual life these days. 

ED is a significant signal of serious health problems.

You must know that sometimes sexual dysfunction or ED is a sign of serious health problems. Any disease that affects your hormone levels, smooth muscle tissues, nerves, or arteries of the penis will directly lead to ED. 

There are specific health issues that lead to the problem of ED, including:

● Diabetes

● High cholesterol levels

● Heart disease

● High blood pressure

This further makes it important for you to talk with the doctor if you experience ED frequently to ensure it is not linked with any underlying health issues.

Lifestyle matters

Keep one thing in your mind, and your lifestyle habits greatly impact your overall health, including sexual health. Habits like drinking alcohol or consuming tobacco are directly linked with ED. When you are obese or carry extra weight, you start suffering from erection issues. 

Anxiety and stress are also responsible for increasing your risk for erectile dysfunction. The good news here is if you take charge of your health and cut yourself from alcohol, quit smoking, and maintain a healthy weight, then it is easy to stay away from ED. 

Though several men experience problems in getting & maintaining an erection from time to time, you need to see a doctor and take ED medicines like Malegra oral jelly if it happens frequently. 

Getting hormonal 

You must understand that your testosterone levels govern sexual health in different ways. When you have low testosterone levels, you experience lower-than-normal sexual driving, leading to ED. 

ED stress makes your condition worse.

Experiencing difficulty in attaining or maintaining an erection can lead to stress and anxiety. Remember, both the problems further contribute to worsening your ED condition. 

A psychogenic ED is considered a sudden and onset erectile dysfunction caused due to anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues. However, this is when you need to talk to your doctor or a sex therapist who will recommend therapies to address the stress that causes ED.  Vilitra 60 mg tablet is also the best solution for ED issues doctors prescribe mostly.

Therefore, people with a penis need to know the cause of erection and how it works. You can also talk with your doctor about penis & erection in detail.